Welcome to Feminine Fire - Heart Centred Coaching                                                     “Nothing is Impossible to a willing heart” John Heywood.

Hello Brave Heart,

Can I ask you something?

Do you long to reconnect to the vibrant women that you once were?

Do you have a strong desire for more happiness in your life?

Do you wake up with that foreboding feeling of dread instead of joy?

Do you feel Unfulfilled, Unloved, Dissatisfied, or Overwhelmed?

This list can go on and on. I know mine did and I was there living it every day. Are you?

Its time to wake up and be the heroine of your life.


Why keep living in your head where fear, worry, shame, and regret have taken up real estate.

There are so many thoughts running around in your head and it’s no surprise that you begin to believe that is who you are.


But and it is a BIG BUT, you do not have to live this way any longer.

Reconnect NOW with YOUR true authentic self and start living with passion and purpose.


Did you know your inner fire has been diminishing with each passing day?

Occasionally you experienced a small spark now and then but not enough to move you to rekindle the spark and let it burst into flames.

You can keep ignoring the spark until it shows up as if really speaking to you, shouting loudly STOP IGNORING ME.

Then you are left with no choice and have to start listening to what your heart is telling you.

Imagine your life for a moment, if every day you were living from your heart, your inner fire?

You can be, do, have whatever you want.

  • What would it look like?
  • What would it feel like?
  • What would it sound like?


Reclaim your power and become the creator of your life with more confidence, increased potential, and more energy.

Light up your Inner fire – your Heart

Feminine Fire provides you with tools for you to reignite your inner fire so that your flame will burn more brightly, longer, and never be diminished.


“I’ve learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision.”

Maya Angelou

How you spend your day controls how you live your life. Make it mean something!

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