“My coaching sessions with Lee have been tremendously valuable to me.  By squeezing one hour a week of coaching into my very busy schedule I have managed to achieve more, by exploring what is most important to me, finding out new things about myself, gaining clarity on what actions I want to take and taking ownership for seeing things through.  Having a coach keeps me focused on my highest priority activities that give me the most fulfilment when I achieve them.”


“I was really struggling with busy days at work then coming home to my wife & two boys (3 ½ & new-born), helping carry out all the work that needed to be done, while trying to be as upbeat & not grumpy or tired as possible. I was feeling like I was getting more & more in a rut & didn’t really feel like I could get out of it. At first, I was maybe a little withdrawn, and not really giving the sessions my complete focus in all honesty. But the more sessions we had, I started to really see, & feel, some major benefits by opening myself up and making the most of the opportunity that I had.
Lee made me really think about what & how I could change the various challenges I was facing, by asking questions in a way that made me evaluate & assess, instead of giving the answers. Even though at times I may have struggled with them, Lee was always able to approach from a different angle, to give me a better understanding, and in the end allow me to find the answers for myself.
I gained a better understanding of what I needed to do, and what characteristics of others I needed to adopt, to be able to handle my day to day workload without feeling so overwhelmed & stressed. I came away with a greater understanding of who I am, and the most important values I have, and how I can use them going forward in my life. Plus, to cut myself a little slack every once in a while. Also, the ‘tools’ that you gave me have been invaluable to me moving forward.

I definitely would recommend Lee from my experience, & I can’t thank you enough Lee for your time.”

Scott S