5 Steps to Ignite and Create

We are living in a very patriarchal society. This has resulted in, women being unaware of how to balance their true feminity and masculinity.

We have been guided by our parents, teachers, or other meaningful role models that we meet in our lives, to show us how we should act and behave as a young girl then adult woman without any of us questioning if this was correct.

For so many, they had to forego being their own authentic self to be accepted.


Although it has now become evident that this is being challenged and I feel that it is time for women to really look at how they can live a more balanced life.  The things that once served you are falling away. Anything inauthentic feels uncomfortable and your true self is calling to you to break free.


A Woman with a pure feminine energy places a high value on others, and are often giving and considerate. Instinctively knowing what is good about people, and tend to function in ways that help others. You have enthusiasm, a zest for life, kindness and compassion.

A Woman with a vulnerable feminine energy is always looking for someone to save them. Lacking the motivation to take care of yourself – it’s the “damsel in distress” energy. Other extreme characteristics you show are being oversensitive or over emotional.


By accepting who you really are without judging yourself will go towards becoming a healthy balanced individual.


Regardless of who we are, we all have divine feminine and divine masculine energy within us and this is my passion to help clients become aware of what lies inside them.


I am someone who personally knows how it feels to be out of balance with my own feminine and masculine essence and not know how to manage it.

“I CHOOSE to make the REST of my life the BEST of my life.”

Louise Hay


Are you a woman looking to reconnect with your inner feminine essence more deeply or bring in more of your masculine essence?  

The truth is:

Women, it is time to awaken to your authentic feminine self.

Take full responsibility and value your true power.

You do not have to control anyone or seek approval from anyone.

Stop embracing the false masculine energy.

When you just be you, your Sacred feminine power will move mountains.

Building shared respect and appreciation for yourself and everyone you come in contact with is essential in living a truly authentic life.