5 Steps to Ignite and Create

5 Steps to Ignite and Create

This is the process I have designed for my clients to Ignite their inner fire and create a heart filled life.


Step 1,

The Spark – Listening to your Heart or feeling the Nudge.

By looking at your life as it is right now, your values, beliefs, and repeating patterns. As a coach I won’t look at your past, we look at right now and where you want to go. But it is very important that you know who you on the inside and what you truly want.



Step 2,                                                          

Ignite – Lighting Up

We will look at you making the start of embracing your heart space. I have tools that will guide you and love trying out in daily practice. Starting up a daily ritual to listen in and hear the message.



Step 3,

The flame - This is a big one – Change Begins

Fear of change, the unknown, what will change in your life. Owning up to the truth of who you are, the positive and negative aspects of your life, career, relationships. What are you willing to release, to embrace this change?



Step 4,

Burning Desire – Implementation

Shedding the old and welcome the new way of being. Small steps. Connecting with your true authenticity. Learning to love who you are and the magnificence of your being. Trusting the process.



Step 5,

Renewal and Rebirth – Creation

The Phoenix – this is you now rising from the ashes of your old life. Seeing your new way of being working in your life. Accepting who you are, loving the way you are. Your Inner fire – your Heart is lit up and burning brightly. A new fresh beginning.



“I CHOOSE to make the REST of my life the BEST of my life.”

Louise Hay


The Triple Spiral 

It is a sign of female power and especially power through change and transformation.

The spiral is a sacred symbol of the journey into the centre of our true self and returning back out into the world


“When a woman rises up in glory, her energy is magnetic, and her sense of possibility contagious” - Marianne Williamson